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Be one of the few.

Hand your next visionary idea to Few Editorial & Creative Suite and watch it soar. Our team of story specialists work cohesively to help your voice and vision cut through the crowd.

Why Choose Us 1

We're driven by the impeccable things storytelling can do.

Build momentum in your tribe. Create an impact across your industry. Transform your brand, credibility and legacy for years to come.

How can we serve you?


Ensuring a customer-focused experience that encourages brand loyalty, we help brands lead with storytelling writing across all communication channels—including social media, websites, blogs, press releases, e-newsletters, campaigns, advertising verbiage, video scripts and more!


Creative Development

We bring cutting-edge ideas to life through strategy and ingenuity. Our full-suite of creative services include website design and development, graphic design artwork, marketing collateral, social media management and brand-driven videography and photography.


From concept and outline to final book form and self-publishing, we specialize in one-on-one book ghostwriting services, as well as an array of author creative aid, such as manuscript editing, consulting, cover design, typesetting, proposals and more.


Audio Engineering

Our Few Studios team is geared with state-of-the-art equipment, technology, audio engineers, voice talent & musicians. Allow us to elevate your sound with high-quality vocal recording, audiobook tracking, song mixing and mastering, and music production.

Featured Post

Word on the Street

“The services I received exceeded my expectations. FEW is definitely made of story specialists. I was able to explain what I wanted and they delivered that and more.” 

Kyle Vidrine, Speaker & Author


Ready to make a difference?

You need more than a writer or creative.

You need a partner.

Are you an entrepreneur, influencer, agency, author, expert, executive, non-profit organization, speaker or someone with a need-to-tell story or concept? Let's collaborate and bring your creative idea to life with purpose.

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