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Beginner Blogger? Find Your Niche

First things, first. What is blogging? Formerly speaking, blogging is a unique medium for sharing information, advising others, promoting products or services and raising awareness. Blogging is typically less formal than a journal article or a book and can appeal to a wide range of audiences. It can be a casual endeavor or a more refined pursuit of writing. Blogging is a lucrative avenue for sharing opinions and ideas in an era where information is literally at everyone’s fingertips. It has forever transformed society’s approach to communication.

Where do you begin?

Someone new to blogging may ask, “Where do I begin?” Well, whether you are a professional blogger or a hobbyist, finding one’s niche is an important first step in your journey to becoming a successful blog writer.

“That sounds great! What exactly is a niche?” A niche is defined as a place, employment, status or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.

The process to finding your niche begins with answering three questions:

  • What are you passionate or knowledgeable about?

  • What market would you like to contribute to?

  • What are the demands of the industry you have in mind?

Ideally, you would write about a topic that you enjoy and for which there is a steady demand. For example, in-demand topics include the following: lifestyle/beauty, health and fitness and travel.

Be honest with yourself.

In regard to finding your niche, be honest with yourself. Not only are you going to be the “voice of reason” for many, but you are also going to have to write regularly about your topic. Keep longevity in mind; ensure that your niche is something that you can see yourself writing about for quite some time. Think ahead about the demands for your industry; will people still want to hear what you have to say a few years from now? Are there enough ideas within your scope to write about? How do you anticipate keeping paces with changes in your field? These are all considerations that you’ll take into account when developing a strategy for your blog. Once you have found your niche, write your heart out about it! Promote your work on social media and channel your expertise on your niche to create a following.

Most of all, have fun with it!


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