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Feeling Over Technique

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We want to be reawakened. We want our pulses heightened. Feeling — inner awareness — is the reason we keep reading. It's the reason we bother to reply, subscribe, spread the word, accept offers, or continue to turn pages. The powerful thing about inner awareness is that it causes you to react. (Tweet that!) Whether you're writing emails, web copy, business letters, social media posts, or a book about your life experiences, see it as a collection of strings that your readers are demanding to connect with.

It's all a story, and feeling is a place every adventure starts.

I can actually say that I've learned this the easy way, but it's only due to my lack of formal training. (I studied communication in college, not English. And not to mention, I grew up writing poetry!) So perhaps, self-taught writers turned professional have a small advantage here. Art has never been a technique in their minds.

Rules start from the wrong end.

It’s screaming restriction, mechanics, and what not to do! Don't get me wrong; no one wants to read text that's full of grammar errors and formless. (That will turn readers away for good!) I'm saying lead with expression. Purposefully construct your words to grab attention, keep attention, and pour emotions that will pull out a reader's reaction and touch his or her soul. 

Feeling forms on the inside.

This means you have to had experienced it first. If you don't have a feeling to begin with, you definitely can't arouse it in someone else. Start with you — trust your own feeling. Then, write from that place.

If you're wondering if this is hard to do, it's not! Simply start using your skill as a tool to convey inner awareness and you'll captivate the world. Write from the perspective that feeling should always come before technique. It's already pouring out of your human heart. You just have to embrace it — or better yet, let it embrace you.


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