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The Cure to Social Media Marketing Sickness

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Has your business been diagnosed with social media marketing sickness? Is your productivity lacking due to the onset of mild to moderate symptoms such as: a nauseating news feed? Hashtagging headaches? Follower fever? Or a low “like”-esteem?

Unusual changes to your social media platforms could cause potential harm to your business. Rare but serious side effects might include: negative feedback, diverted traffic, customer complaints, and brand humiliation.

Don’t let the side effects of social media marketing give you the trending tremors. Alleviate your sufferings by rebuilding your brand awareness and promoting healthy customer engagement with these simple social media evaluations.

Are you Using the Right Platforms?

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Millions of people are actively involved with their social media. Facebook has over 2.32 billion monthly users, followed by Instagram at 1 billion, and Twitter at 321 million. Keep in mind, the advantages and disadvantages vary from platform to platform. For example, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms; however, your marketing strategies are limited to images only. Don’t waste your investments on a platform that isn’t going to benefit your business. Consider lessening your social media efforts to the platforms that are most appealing to your targeted customers.

Listen, then Promote.

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Connect with your customers by putting the social back in social media. Improve your customer service by taking the time to learn more about your audience in discovering their likes, dislikes, interests, and expectations for a product or service. Remember, it’s not always about posting excessive amounts of promotions rather than increasing the number of times customers see your brand name. Engage with your customers through meaningful interactions that stand out and generate friendly feedback. Use social media as the linking connection between persuasion and making a purchase.

Stay Committed!

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Be careful not to take too many sick days on social media marketing. Ignoring your online customers is no different than not answering the company phone line or forgetting to turn on the open sign. The more active you are on social media, the more people you will reach. Maintaining a reliable social media presence takes dedication, commitment, and effective strategizing. Set measurable goals for your social media accounts and hold your business accountable for achieving those goals.

Get the Most Out of Your Content.

In the constant scrolling through newsfeeds, images and tweets, you may only have a split second to capture your customer's attention. Use your limited amount of content efficiently by posting eye-catching, phrases, animated images, and entertaining representation for your brand.


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