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Audio Engineering

+ Recording Studio

Creating a professional recording, mixing, mastering and production experience for all.


Recording Studio

Our in-house studio offers high-quality recording software and microphones, as well as includes experienced engineers and voice talent to ensure a professional, impactful track or project is delivered every time! Our services include:


  • Mobile voiceover speaking recording; engineer included. Do you need a professional voice talent to record the voiceover for your video? If so, please request talent rates and information during your booking call.

Aud​iobook Recording

  • You've written your book and now you're ready to prepare your audiobook version! We're here to help you record every minute of it. Mobile audiobook recording has an engineer included. Voice talent is also available, if the author rather hire in-house talent to read on their behalf. Please request talent rates and information during your booking call.

Podcast Recording

  • Our audio engineering team is available to record, edit, master and publish (on all streaming platforms) audio or video podcast either weekly or monthly, as scheduled.

To learn more about getting started, contact us here.



We specialize in advanced sound/song mixing, including Advanced EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay, DeEssing, Auto Tuning and Manual Voice Editing. You can expect track clean up, balancing, spatial placement of instruments, added effects to enhance sound as needed, master bus automation, and stereo or mono bounce of final mix. To get started or hear sample work, contact us here.



To achieve superb mastering, our professionals go through a few of the following steps: Noise Reduction, Equalization, Tube Compression, Mastering Reverb, Peak Limiting, Adding Ambience, Stereo Widening, Bass Enhancement, Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades, Text/ISRC Encoding, and Complete CD Mastering. To get started or hear sample work, contact us here.


Music Production

Our team of musicians (drummer, pianist, guitarist, and bass) and producers specialize in creating unique beats/tracks. Our musicians are also available for hire at a single-session base rate per musician. If you would like an original track created from scratch, rates are to be discussed.

To hear a sample of beats and/or hire a musician for your next session, contact us here.

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