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Brand Editorial

copywriting & content writing

Maintaining customer engagement, growing clientele, optimizing website searchability, creating an experience around your brand and rising above competitors all point back to the quality of your content development. And you can't just be good; you have to be the best. Here's where the FEW team comes in. We are specialists in building the story around your brand's voice, generating high-quality, purpose-centered copy, and writing powerful, persuasive messaging to set your company apart.


Our copywriting and content writing services include the following (but are not limited to): 

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Website Copy

Using compelling, customer-friendly copy, create a great site experience that prompts engagement, conversions and customer trust. Services include the conceptualizing process and interviews or meetings necessary for building or critiquing website copy material.

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Video Script

A powerful video script can give your brand's message wings! We partner with you to creatively develop and write marketable, online (1-5 minute) “explainer,” demo, how-to and case study video scripts for your potential/current customers or team.

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Professional Bio / Cover Letter / Resume

We help professionals make their best impression to prospective employers and other opportunities. This service includes a new layout design and research on past work experience.

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Count on us to develop, write and send monthly or bi-weekly e-newsletters to your network. Services include creative development of written material, any necessary research, simple design elements to match your branding and scheduled distribution. *Monthly retainer options are available.

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Campaign & Ad Verbiage

Break through the advertising clutter with cutting-edge campaign verbiage. this service includes any marketing language needed for print or digital advertising content surrounding a campaign during a specified time period. We will work with your in-house team to build a winning outcome.

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Tagline Creation / Program Naming

We develop a pipeline of excellent taglines or product/program name ideas, accompanied with supportive positioning statements (such as mission/vision statements if needed), one-liners and/or short write-ups for long-term company use.

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Whether business-related, educational, inspirational or funny, we prepare topic-specific blog and article posts written for audience. Service includes a planned content calendar, supported research, SEO, editing/revisions. *Monthly retainer options are available.

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Press Release

Get attention from media, expand your reach, or simply drive more of the publicity results you've been looking for. This service includes any necessary research, brief phone conversations and two rounds of edits/revisions to complete. *If the client has a PR outlet, we will upload the final version of the release at no additional charge. 

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Pitch / Proposal Content

Land a new contract, client or investor, expand your company's reach and show results for your business goals with the help of our copywriters. Using the right messaging in proposal and pitch content is imperative. Our wordsmiths are available to help you precisely portray your vision and mission. 

*Request more info for the following services:

Tv Commercial Scripts, Radio Scripts, Case Studies, Video Voiceover Recording, Jingle Writing, Print Advertising (i.e., brochures, pamphlets, etc.)

Don't see what you are looking for here?

No worries! Brand Editorial writing services can be extremely vast. If you don't see what you're looking for here, tell us about your unique situation and request more info. 

Want to see samples before committing?

We understand your desire to read samples, and we are ready to send them upon request. Potential clients can easily receive them via email after inquiring.

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