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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Website & Win the Hearts of Your Audience

There are thousands of unique company websites out there, but despite the difference in design and industry services, all visitors start by looking for the same thing — a company’s ability to compel them to learn more. Therefore, the key to setting your website apart from your competition goes beyond the beautiful photos, sleek layout and listed services. In order to win the hearts of your audience, you must write engaging, customer-focused, high-ranking website copy.

The good news is that this is easy, even for non-writers! Here are four simple tweaks you can make in your copywriting to transform your company’s website experience:

1. Use more “your” and less “we.”

This advice is like wearing socks to work on a Monday morning. Not enough people are doing it, but the experience would feel so much better if they did! The same can be said for your website. Whenever you change the approach, you change the entire experience. This is why talking directly to your audience makes all the difference. For example, instead of writing “We build brands,” write “Build your brand.” Instead of “We help businesses grow,” try “Grow your business.” Do you see the difference? Your customers or clients will feel the difference for sure! Using more “your” and less “we” is an easy way to keep them scrolling to learn more.

2. Understand “About Us” is really about them.

Yes, it’s called an “About Us” page. You might assume this means that it’s the one place on your site where you’re the star of the show. However, that’s not the case. Believe it or not, your About Us page should be more about the visitor than about you.

By answering the right questions in your write-up, you can craftily steer the conversation back to your customer. Tell your audience how passionate you are about THEM. Tell them why you started your company for THEM, how your goals will benefit THEM, and so on. Make sure they know that your lifework is committed to making their lives easier and solving their problems. If you do this right, they’ll trust you before they’ve even met you!

3. Have a conversation.

When you’re a pro in your industry, it can be hard to filter out the business lingo and jargon. (I get it!) But anyone can throw around acronyms and buzzwords. Have a conversation with your customers. Talk to them like they’re normal human beings through your website copy. Invite them in, make them laugh, keep them intrigued. They (we) want to be reawakened by your personality! You can still come across as an authority in your field, but you also want your visitors to know that you’re a friendly person they can have an honest conversation with.

4. Bow to Queen Google.

The first rule of SEO is don’t talk about SEO… not really, but it is important that you make learning the rules a priority. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, ensures that your company website dominates the top pages of the search results — where everyone wants to be. Now, as we all know, Google is the all-powerful ruler of internet research, but what you may not know is that she has very high standards. If you don’t obey her laws of SEO, your company will be left behind and left out.

To create a Google-friendly website through copywriting techniques, you want to make sure you are doing these four things: giving visitors the most important information they are looking for on the homepage, avoiding having the exact same information on multiple pages, write text that clearly and accurately describe your topic, and include words that you think your audience would type to find your pages.

So, if your copy is in the good graces of the Google hierarchy, you’re having a real conversation through your writing, your about page is not only about you, and you’re talking directly to your audience right from the beginning, your website is sure to reign!


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